Octoberfest! I have 3 simulators nearing completion with BOC, only 1 sold, get yours now!

Implications of legislation and public sector cost cutting: read James Dalton's Fire Lecture from 2016 link on left.

Fire Extinguisher Training Simulators Latest:  Now in Stainless Steel, as seen in image, now able to resist corrosion if used with dry powder, call for availability and price!

The originals are in use all over UK by trainers working for international fire equipment manufacturers, chemical companies, tyre fitters, roofers, theme park, pets home, conference centre, just to list a few of the wide range of applications.

Looks like a waste bin, small, compact,lightweight, corrosion resistant, can be carried in small vehicle, uses commercially available parts, except for the bin which is bespoke.

A recent attendee on one of my courses told me about this:-  The man who not only predicted 911 but saved all of his company's employees, despite the Harbor Authority's lack of preparedness. Don't let this happen in your company, if someone tells you there is a chance that something will happen, do something about it!