Thinking of taking Staff Fire Training in-house?

Many companies, large and small are managing their own staff training, The Fire Protection Association runs 2-day courses to prepare your staff to deliver this training. 

With this in mind, my compact, easy to use fire simulator is the solution to your needs for extinguisher practice.

It looks just like a waste-paper bin, just the sort of small office fire staff may have to respond to.

Now only available in stainless steel, the unit is self-contained, just connect to a cylinder of propane and ignite using a readily available weed-burner, and you have a small controllable source of flames for your staff to practice with.

The unit consists of readily availble components within a custom housing, work completed and certified by BOC. You are then recommended to use your local BOC branch to maintain this unit.

A pdf handbook is available from me, join the growing number of fire professionals and trainers around the British Isles who are already using them

Stainless steel portable fire simulator rigs